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I k n o w I b e t r a y e d ,
Every fault that I made

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This journal is Friends Only , Why you ask?
Because I like to keep track of who reads my journal. X3
Just comment here to be added. :D

BUT before you do, Remember:
I'm bisexual. Don't like it? Dont add me please.
I am often Random and i like posting pictures.
I don't like homophobes...so go away 8D.
I curse....alot...

if you add me,...Please tell me
o1. who are you?
o2. where did you find my journal? o_O;
o3. Um...thats pretty much it. 8D

Current Music: [Prostye Dvizheniya ~ t.A.T.u.]

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for those who havent noticed i moved to a different journal :D


go and add please :D
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Hey everyone! i changed journals (yes again) but only because im turning this one into a private journal. add me over at x_simplemotions
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